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We are the chosen minority who are committed to optimizing human health and performance without compromising our values and bowing down to insurance companies, pharmaceutical drugs, unnecessary surgeries, and “cookie cutter” approaches.

We reject the quick fix, profit driven model that has plagued modern-day health care. We take a patient-driven approach that emphasizes the specific needs and goals of the individual.

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While other clinics simply focus on simple, easy-to-replicate, quick care, here at Elite Sports Medicine we offer a comprehensive, holistic, and individualized approach that combines the best techniques and strategies from chiropractic care, physical therapy, fitness training, and everything in between to provide our patients with the BEST possible care for a wide variety of issues and conditions.

Our goal is to not only provide the best possible care in the clinic, but to also teach and empower our patients to take their health into their own hands. We stand alongside all of our patients and help them reach their specific goals in whichever way we can! 

The Wellness Plan is only available for our established patients who have completed a trial of care with us and are looking to take that next step to achieving long-term, optimal performance.

Our Wellness Plan is currently at capacity. If you’re interested in future openings, please contact

First session: 60 minutes

Follow-up sessions:  30-45 minutes

There is no “cookie cutter mold.”

At Elite Sports Medicine we tailor our care to the individual. The duration of your time here with us will be dependent on your specific condition, needs, and goals!

No, we do not take insurance. Insurance companies prioritize profits over patients which forces providers to give less care and offer more visits. We refuse to bow down to this model: We are going to provide you the best possible care in the least number of visits necessary, while teaching you what you need to do on your own to achieve real, long-lasting results.

Our goal is to not only treat you, but teach you why you’re in pain and empower you with the knowledge and ability to take back control of your health and wellness. 

During your first appointment at Elite Sports Medicine, we are going to take a comprehensive approach to breaking down every detail relevant to your condition so we can best understand what may have caused this issue. We will then perform a full neurological, orthopedic examination to determine which tissues, muscles, and/or joints are responsible for your pain. Lastly, we will perform a functional assessment to dig deeper into the root cause, the WHY, you are experiencing that pain or discomfort.

Wear comfortable, athletic clothes (like going to the gym). DO NOT wear anything you cannot move in (i.e. suit, dress, etc.)

A lot of people look for quick, easy fixes and passive care. They don’t want to take control and do the work necessary for long term, real changes. 

At Elite Sports Medicine, we work with those who want to take an active role in their own health and wellness. We don’t take the easy route of “quick-fix” care, but dig deeper into solving the real, root cause to make real, long-lasting changes in their body, health, and life!

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