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What Is It?

Are you a baseball player who wants to improve your throwing performance and prevent injuries? You’re not alone! Throwing injuries such as rotator cuff strains, elbow tendinitis, UCL injuries and labral tears are common among adult baseball players due to the repetitive motions required to throw a baseball.

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How We Can Help

Don’t let throwing injuries stop you from playing the game you love. By focusing on shoulder and elbow strength and flexibility, avoiding overuse, and proper mechanics, you can significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Our team can help you achieve your goals by creating a personalized program that includes stretching and strengthening exercises, and guidance through the return-to-throw process with your coach.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your shoulder or elbow while throwing, don’t wait! Seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further injury and get back to playing your best.

Don’t let injuries slow you down, take action today and schedule an appointment with our team of experts to prevent injury and feel your best.

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