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What Is It?

Golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is an elbow injury that often occurs due to overuse. Despite its name, it can occur not only in golfers but also in individuals engaged in various repetitive activities.

The main characteristic of golfer’s elbow is pain at the inner bony part of the elbow, specifically at the origin of the flexor-pronator tendons. This condition can occur as frequently from non-sporting activities as from sports.

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Why Is It Happening?

For instance, activities like using a hammer or a screwdriver for an extended period can lead to golfer’s elbow. If you have ever experienced elbow pain after manually assembling furniture without the aid of power tools, such as using a miniature screwdriver or hammering in wooden dowels, you may have encountered this condition.

In general, any activity involving prolonged wrist flexion and pronation, such as golfing, rock climbing, swimming, throwing, or occupations that require repetitive hand, wrist, and forearm motions, can contribute to the development of medial epicondylitis.

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How We Can Help

At Elite Sports Medicine, we take a comprehensive approach to address your golfer’s elbow. Our process begins with a detailed history of your injury, followed by a functional movement assessment and examination. Our aim is not only to provide an accurate diagnosis, as your elbow pain may not necessarily be golfer’s elbow, but also to identify the underlying cause of your injury.

Muscle compensation patterns can contribute to stress on specific areas of your body, including the elbow. It is crucial to identify these patterns and understand their impact on your condition for effective treatment.

Our experienced team conducts a thorough assessment to determine the precise condition and cause of your golfer’s elbow. Based on this assessment, we utilize various treatment approaches tailored to your unique needs. We may evaluate your daily ergonomics and habits to determine if any lifestyle or activity modifications are necessary.

Additionally, we prescribe sports rehabilitation exercises and employ soft tissue approaches, such as myofascial release, to address your elbow pain. We also offer other therapeutic modalities to ensure safe and compassionate treatment.

Your treatment plan is personalized to you and your specific condition. It may include sports rehabilitation exercises, soft tissue therapy, chiropractic care, muscle scraping, dry needling, and other techniques aimed at relieving your golfer’s elbow pain.

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