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What Is It?

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is an overuse injury that affects the extensor carpi radialis muscle and the common extensor tendon. Diagnostic ultrasound studies have revealed common findings in lateral epicondylitis patients, including calcifications, micro-tears, and thickening of the affected tendon and muscle. These findings are typical of degenerative overuse injuries involving tendons.

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Why Is It Happening?

The typical presentation of lateral epicondylitis is a gradual onset of elbow pain, specifically located on the outer side. The pain tends to improve with rest and worsen during activities. It usually starts within 1 to 3 days after engaging in a new sport or activity that involves repetitive gripping and forearm extension. Additionally, acute injuries or strains to the extensor muscles, such as lifting a heavy object or performing forceful backhands in tennis, can trigger lateral epicondylitis. If not properly treated or if returning to sports or work too soon, an acute injury can lead to a more chronic condition of lateral epicondylitis.

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How We Can Help

To address lateral epicondylitis, we prescribe sports rehabilitation exercises and employ soft tissue approaches, such as myofascial release. We also offer other therapeutic modalities to ensure safe and compassionate treatment.

Your treatment plan is personalized to you and your specific condition. It may include sports rehabilitation exercises, soft tissue therapy, chiropractic care, muscle scraping, dry needling, and other techniques aimed at relieving your golfer’s elbow pain.

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